About me


Here’s some true stories about Daniela Viotti. 

While still in art school, Daniela was allowed to participate in a nation-wide competition open only to professional sculptors. she won first prize! second!! and third!!! earlier, it was her painting that was picked from another nation-wide competition for use on a unesco stamp! and it was in Buenos Aires that she held one of argentina’s most coveted artist’s jobs, at the legendary Teatro Colon opera house. here she designed sets, costumes & props for some of their most memorable shows. also, for ten years, daniela posed for one of the country’s great artistic treasures, picasso's contemporary, Cesar Lopez-Claro. in fact, there are whole books only of Daniela!, and it was here that she trained herself to blink an unbelievable only two times an hour! 

Now, combining many talents into an amazing performance with unmatched costumes, unique poses & great props, Daniela Viotti is available for your special event. her living statue is often at an entranceway for a meet & greet - setting the mood for the whole event, matching any theme. it is always a very interactive photo-op! her living table performance has been part of a dessert buffet or used to pass out info or goodies at holiday and corporate events. she performs at weddings, bat mitzvahs, art festivals, quinces, private parties, product launches and so on. let your imagination run with hers for an event to remember!!! 

Living Statue Performer 

Living table Performance 

propsmaker - costumier 

set & interior designer